Hélène Touzet
Researcher, CNRS
Group leader, BONSAI, CRIStAL and INRIA - Lille Nord Europe
CRIStAL - Bâtiment M3
Cité scientifique
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

+33 (0)3 28 77 85 59



July 20: meet you at Mathematical foundations in bioinformatics ( King's college London)

June 26-30: meet you at JOBIM 2016 (Lyon). Don't miss the general assembly of GDR BIM

June 23: the Lille bioinformatics platform organizes a one-day workshop on metagenomics : program and registration

March 2016: our research on indexed approximate string matching is available in the Journal of Discrete Algorithms: Approximate search of short patterns with high error rates using the 01*0 lossless seeds

March 14-18: my paper on the Universal Levenshtein Automaton has been accepted for a presentation at the conference LATA'16 (Language and Automata Theory and Applications, Prague)

Our work on Modeling Alternate RNA structures in Genomic Sequences has appeared in the Journal of Computational Biology

Our book chapter on Deciphering metatranscriptomic data has been published in the Methods in Molecular Biology series

Try our new pipeline miRkwood for the identification of miRNAs and their hairpin precursors in plant genomic sequences

The software SortMeRNA 2 is available. SortMeRNA has been designed to rapidly filter ribosomal RNA fragments from metatranscriptomic and metagenomic data. This new version can now perform alignments and output SAM and Blast-like formats for free.

Modeling Dynamic Programming Problems over Sequences and Trees with Inverse Coupled Rewrite Systems
(R. Giegerich, H. Touzet) has been published in Algorithms. It is 80 page long, but it reads like a novel

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