My research interests relate to Multi-Scale Self-Adaptation for Dependable Systems-of-Systems. In particular, I am currently working on the development of dependable middleware solutions for self-adaptive ubiquitous computing systems. If you are interested in this topic, feel free to .

Since January 2014, I am coordinator of the Inria associate team SOMCA (Self-Optimization of service-oriented architectures for Mobile and Cloud Applications), which intends to propose a novel methodology to support the runtime detection and correction of Service-Oriented Architecture anti-patterns in Mobile and Cloud Applications.

Since January 2010, I am coordinator of the INRIA associate team SeaS (Middleware for Sensor as a Service). The team intends to contribute to the vision of the Future Internet as an open-source middleware platform, based on robust Web standards, breaking existing IT silos and leveraging the development of innovative hybrid service-oriented architectures spanning from Wireless Sensor Networks to Ubiquitous and Cloud Computing.

Since September 2008, I am an associate professor in the Self-adaptation for distributed services and large software systems (Spirals) research group at the University of Lille 1, France. The research group is shared between the CRIStAL and Inria CS research labs.

Prior to this position, I was a postdoc researcher in the Networks and Distributed systems group of the University of Oslo, working with Frank Eliassen on Self-Adapting Applications for Mobile Users in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (IST FP6 MUSIC project).

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