Research interests
I am a member of the bioinformatics BONSAI group (CRIStAL -- formerly LIFL, University Lille 1 and INRIA Lille - Nord Europe). My research interests are

Have a look at our group's software server to use the methods we develop in our team.


PhD Students

I was the co-supervisor together with Aïda Ouangraoua of the PhD Thesis of Antoine Thomas. He worked on genomic rearrangements with duplicates.

I was the co-supervisor together with Mathieu Giraud of the PhD thesis of Tuan Tu Tran (2009-2012). We worked on data structures and algorithms for manycores architectures.

I was the co-supervisor together with Pascal Touzet of the PhD thesis of Aude Darracq (2006-2010). We worked on the study of the rerrangement history of plant mitochondrial genomes at the intra-specific level. Aude is currently at the Keith Adams lab.

I was the co-supervisor together with Hélène Touzet of the PhD thesis of Aude Liefooghe (2004-2008). The aim of the work was to design algorithms for locating efficiently transcription factor binding sites modelled with position weight matrices. Aude is currently a teacher in a engineer school.

I was the co-supervisor together with Jean-Paul Delahaye of the PhD thesis of Martin Figeac (2002-2005). We studied how to compute genomic rearrangement scenarii introducing constraints on the reversals allowed. Martin is currently the head of the fonctional and structural genomics platform at the cancer institute of Lille.


I'm part of the computer science department at University of Lille 1. Courses in computer science (algorithms, JAVA) and bioinformatics. See this page (all documents in french).

Currently Algorithms and Data Structures (2nd year), Programming with Caml (1st and 2nd year), Computational Biology (MOCAD master's degree) and Bioinformatics (4th year of a master's degree in biology).

I'm also in charge of the MOCAD master's degree in computer science (Complex models, Algorithms and Data).

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