Smews: Smart & Mobile Embedded Web Server

Smews pushes the Web of Things to tiny devices such as smart cards or sensors. It is an open-source standalone Web server meaning that it works without any underlaying OS. It includes a TCP/IP stack, a Web server and a Web applications container.

Smews fits the most constrained devices

  • No general purpose OS is embedded
  • Memory footprint down to 200 B of RAM and 8 kB of ROM/EEPROM/Flash
  • Up to 256 simultaneous connections with 8 kB RAM

Smews manages fully-fledged Web applications

  • Static files
  • Generated contents (via server-side native code)
  • Comet handlers (server-pushed data)

It follows a dedicated design

  • The application engine is dedicated to HTTP
    • Single process event-driven architecture
    • Efficient runtime stack management
  • The TCP stack is dedicated to HTTP
    • Dynamic adaptation to high-level Web applications properties (persistence, idempotence, volatility, ...)
    • Many off-line pre-calculations (checksums, parsing automata)

If you're interested in Smews, want to know more about it, to use it or to contribute, please contact us. Instructions to download and install Smews are available here.