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Séminaire de

Anuj Srivastava

23 juin 2011
Amphi Turing, Bât M3

Statistical Shape Analysis of 3D Objects Using A Riemannian Framework

In this talk I describe a recent extension of our work on shape analysis of parameterized curves to shape analysis of parametrized surfaces, by treating them as embeddings of a certain domain in R3. We consider three types of surfaces: quadrilateral, closed, and disk-like, with the respective domains being unit square, unit sphere, and a unit disk. Using a certain representation of surfaces, called q-maps, we solve two optimization problems. The first is to compute geodesic paths between any two surfaces, represented by their q-maps using a path straightening algorithm. The second is a optimally register points across surfaces by optimally re-parametrizing one of the surfaces.
This provides a fully Riemannian framework for a variety of applications involving 3D objects, including biometrics (face recognition), medical diagnosis (patient classification and disease detection), bioinformatics (protein structure analysis), and even image analysis (viewing images as surfaces). I will present some tools for statistical analysis of 3D shapes in the context of these applications.

Short bio : Anuj Srivastava is a Professor of Statistics in Florida State University. He obtained his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis in 1996 and was a visiting research associate at Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University during 1996-1997 working with Prof. Ulf Grenander. He joined the Department of Statistics at the Florida State University in 1997 as an Assistant Professor, became an Associate Professor in 2003 and a full Professor in 2007. His areas of research include statistics on nonlinear manifolds, statistical image understanding, and statistical shape theory. He has published more than 140 papers in refereed journals and proceedings of refereed international conferences. He has been an
associate editor for the Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (2000-06), the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2004-06), and IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2006-2008).


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