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Gilles Bailly

14 décembre 2011
Amphithéâtre de l'IRCICA

Learning and Affordances of Gestures in Novel Contexts

The introduction of new technologies such as multi-touch surfaces or depth sensors (Kinect) makes it possible to accurately recognize a large variety of gestures. However, it is still not clear how to (1) define a set of coherent gestures (2) construct perceivable affordances and (3) favor a fluid transition from novice to expert usage.
In this talk, I explore these questions with Finger-Count gestures, a two-handed and multi-finger interaction technique on multi-touch surfaces. I generalize this technique in the context of interactive television and wearable computing. In particular, I present ShoeSense, a visual wearable device making it possible to capture both relaxed and discreet gestures as well as large and expressive gestures. Finally, I describe how people notice affordances of gestures and perform expressive gestures in the context of public displays.

Short Bio: My research is in the area of human-computer interaction, with a primary interest in interaction techniques, command selection and gestural interaction. I currently hold a Humboldt Fellowship for post-doctoral researchers at TU Berlin and Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (Germany). In 2009, I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Grenoble (LIG) and Telecom ParisTech (ENST) in France.


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