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Philippe Bekaert

10 novembre 2010
Amphithéâtre de l'IRCICA

Bridging the gap between computer graphics and video

Computer graphics and video are complementary media, in many aspects. Computer graphics offers great freedom in creating, modifying, navigating in, and interaction with synthetic 3D environments, but it is very difficult to create 3D environments with highly realistic look and feel in spite of thousands of man-years of research and development efforts in this area. Video or film on the other hand is highly realistic by nature: unless camera, post-processing, or display have been modified accordingly, what the spectator sees on the screen has a highly realistic look. But video or film do not nearly allow the flexibility of computer graphics in creating or modifying, navigating or interacting with filmed scenery. The long-term goal of research in the visual computing group of the expertise center of digital media at Hasselt University is to bridge the gap between the two, that is: to create a novel visual medium offering at the same time the "scene-to-screen" realistic look and feel of video/film and the high flexibility of modifying filmed scenery, or to navigate in and interact with it. A first step into that direction concerns omnidirectional video. Next steps include free viewpoint video and video based animation techniques. I will focus on omni-directional video as a maturing medium at this time, and illustrate by means of experimental productions made together with the art and design school students of Prof. Lidl in Valenciennes. I will argue that the main problems in this area are in fact not the technological ones, but rather the question of discovering the "language" of this new medium.


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