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Anne Roudaut

12 décembre 2011
Amphi Turing, Bât M3

Restoring Physical Affordance on Touch Surfaces

Abstract: The recent move from physical input devices, such as keyboards and mice to mobile touch devices forced designers to abandon physical input controls in exchange for visual on-screen widgets. This shift, however, sacrificed input affordance and not only requires users' visual attention but also deteriorates their input precision. I argue that future mobile devices have to take a new turn, where physical affordance is restored on touch surfaces. In this talk I explore what a phone with such capabilities might look like from two different angles. (1) I start with my ongoing work on augmenting touchscreens with force feedback. I present a device that actuates the user's finger upon touch and how it can be used to restore haptic feedback in various application scenarios. (2) I then talk about touch input on non-planar surfaces, which, I believe, will dominate future form factors of mobile devices. I present the prototypes of curved surfaces I built and how I used them to study the impact of curvature on touch accuracy.

Short Bio: I’m currently working as a postdoctoral researcher with Patrick Baudisch at the Hasso Plattner Institute (Germany). I did my Ph.D with Eric Lecolinet at Telecom ParisTech and my Master with Joëlle Coutaz at LIG (Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble).



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