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Bill Seaman

28 janvier 2013
Amphithéâtre de l'IRCICA

Biomimetics and Biorelationality: A holistic approach to complex learning systems — Neosentience and The Insight Engine

The exploration of new research methodologies exploring biomimetics and biorelationality as they are applied to complex learning systems must come to terms with aspects of emergence, the bringing together of currently disparate fields of research, the creation of bridging languages between disciplines, and the design of a system or tool to help facilitate insight across this vast area of inquiry. Seaman’s most recent work explores notions surrounding Recombinant Informatics— creative approaches to insight production. He has named this tool The Insight Engine. His book Neosentience | The Benevolence Engine written with Scientist Otto Rössler, is a non-linear exploration of many concepts surround the history and future of Artificial Intelligence, learning systems, and the potential of creating autonomous robots. Alternately, many new kinds of research and devices that have neosentient qualities may also be articulated — Neosentient Design, Architecture, and Games are but a few new research areas that have arisen in response to this study. The pragmatic defining aspects of a Neosentient entity are as follows:

• It can learn
• It can intelligently navigate
• It can interact via natural language
• It can generate simulations of behaviour (it can ‘think’ about
potential behaviours) before acting in physical space
• It can function in a creative manner
• It can come to have a deep situated knowledge of context through
multimodal sensing
• It can display mirror competence
• It can function in a benevolent manner


Bill Seaman, Professeur en Art Contemporain à Duke University (bio disponible à l'URL http://aahvs.duke.edu/people?Gurl=&Uil=10588&subpage=profile )


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