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Dirk Smeets

9 juin 2011
Amphi Turing, Bât M3

Graph matching for intra-subject deformation invariant 3D face recognition

Dirk Smeets graduated at the K.U.Leuven as Biomedical Engineer (magna cum laude) in June 2008. With his master’s thesis he conducted research on semi-automatic liver tumor segmentation in CT images. At this moment Dirk works in the research group Medical Image Computing (ESAT/PSI) at the K.U.Leuven where he is making a PhD on intra-subject deformation modeling for forensic biometric authentication under promotership of Prof. Dr. Ir. Dirk Vandermeulen. He is author of 20 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and conference proceedings.

Intra-subject deformations are a challenge in 3D object recognition, especially 3D face recognition, and are the subject of a lot of research. Graph-based representation allow to compare two 3D objects more intrinsically. Spectral graph matching on one hand reduces object recognition to the comparison of the corresponding spectra, which are invariant for certain deformation (e.g. isometric deformations), but they are sensitive to outliers. Local feature methods on the other hand more robust to outliers, but do not take the whole object surface into account. In this work, we will compare both approaches for expression-invariant 3D face recognition.


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