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Marek TUDRUJ et Eryk Laskowski

25 novembre 2010
Amphithéâtre de l'IRCICA

Distributed Java Programs Initial Mapping Based on Extremal Optimization

An extremal optimization algorithm for initial Java program placement on clusters of Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) is presented. JVMs are implemented on multicore processors working under the ProActive Java execution framework. Java programs are represented as Directed Acyclic Graphs in which tasks correspond to methods of distributed active Java objects that communicate using a RMI mechanism.
The presented probabilistic extremal optimization approach is based on the local fitness function composed of two sub-functions in which elimination of delays of task execution after reception of required data and the imbalance of tasks execution in processors are used as heuristics for improvements of extremal optimization solutions. The evolution of an extremal optimization solution is governed by task clustering supported by identification of the dominant path in the graph.
The applied task mapping is based on dynamic measurements of current loads of JVMs and inter-JVM communication link bandwidth.


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