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Patrick De Causmaecker

22 janvier 2013
Amphi Turing,Bât M3

Pareto Optimal Negotiation for Nurse Rostering Problems

Résumé :
In this talk the connection between rostering software and inter-ward decision making is studied. In a typical hospital ward, a team of nurses is responsible for a population of patients with a specific pathology, age, length of stay or other conditions. The nursing team serves on 24/24 basis according to an often complex shift pattern. The assignment of nurses to shifts is subject to a large numbers of constraints and must allow flexibility in meeting unforeseen circumstances. Often software is available to support the assignment task. We model the impact of the rostering strategy and the ward configuration on its operational platform in terms of demand and occupation. We derive iso-utility curves allowing for a negotiation protocol between the wards. The result of a negotiation is an assignment of tasks and resources that should allow each of the wards to operate equally efficiently. The model is an example of the connection between the decision making at the lowest operational level within one unit and the more strategic level between units. By studying the impact of algorithm behavior on the operational efficiency, a better informed management of load and resource distribution becomes possible. In the talk we will discuss the nurse rostering problem as an example of a complex optimisation problem, we will show how to derive of the iso-utility curves for a specific example in detail and present the negotiation protocol.

Patrick De Causmaecker
Professor of computer science within the Faculty of Engineering of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven seated at Campus Kortrijk


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