Based on the foundational works of Joseph Fels Ritt and Ellis Robert Kolchin, differential algebra has evolved into an extremely rich subject during the last two decades. Differential Algebra and Related Topics (DART) is a series of workshops which offer an opportunity for participants to present original research, to learn of research progress and new developments, and to exchange ideas and views on differential algebra and related topics. DART V is the fifth in this series, with an emphasis on differential algebraic equations and the relationship between differential algebra and the numerical integration of differential equations.

The Call for Posters and Second Call for Participation.

The DART V conference will be organized at the Engineering School Polytech'Lille, located on the campus of the University Lille 1. The talks will be given in the amphitheater Migeon.

The previous DART

  • DART I Rutgers University of Newark, USA, 2000
  • DART II Rutgers University of Newark, USA, 2007
  • DART III Rutgers University of Newark, USA, 2008
  • DART 4 Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Beijing, China, 2010