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Amen Souissi

Friday 20 December 2013
Amphithéâtre de l'IRCICA

Business process-centered modeling for the complete generation of collaborative portals

Directeur de Thèse : Pierre BOULET. Rapporteurs : Pierre-Alain MULLER, Marie-Pierre GERVAIS. Membres : Cédric DUMOULIN (Codirecteur), Michael LAUNAY (Examinateur).

Companies collaborate to seize opportunities as well as exchange documents and other types of resources. This is achieved by following business processes that are subject to evolution. Collaborative portals are web oriented solutions aimed at this need of collaboration. However, the development and maintenance of a collaborative portal is non-trivial and remains hardly accessible for many companies. As a consequence, the challenge is controlling the costs of maintenance and implementing new features. To circumvent these issues, it is possible to collect business requirements of the collaboration in a model and then generate automatically the corresponding collaborative portal. The model, in this case, must be accessible by the business actors and must express even the most complex aspects of the collaboration needs. This is the context of our work. Having not found a solution which corresponded to our requirements,  we have developed a design approach of collaborative portals founded on the Model Driven Engineering. As for the description of our portals, we have chosen to focus on the business modeling based on the business processes like starting point. Our solution relies on our meta-model MACoP (Modeling and Analysis of Collaborative Portal). In this meta-model we have joined together accessibility and the expressivity, by proposing new concepts allowing the complete generation of collaborative portals. The meta-model MACoP is accompanied by a transformations chain that makes it possible to pass directly from a MACoP model to the Python code of the collaborative portal.


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