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Program at glance

 October 28October 29October 30October 31

Program by day

October 28

 Room 1Room 2
14hTutorial: Problem decomposition in metaheuristics (Eric Taillard)Tutorial: Cellular genetic algorithms ( Enrique Alba)
16hTutorial: Hybrid metaheuristics and matheuristics (Günther Raidl) 

October 29

 Room 1Room 2Room 3
8h30Opening session
9hMetaheuristics for scheduling 1 (F. Dugardin)Parallel metaheuristics (E. Taillard)Advanced local search 1 (A. Sbihi)
10h40Coffee Break
11hAdvanced local search 2 N. Zuffery)Metaheuristics under uncertainty (M. Aider)Metaheuristics for routing and scheduling 1 (M. Khemakhem)
14hMetaheuristics for bioinformatics (J. Blazewicz)Metaheuristics for packing and knapsack problems (M. Khemakhem)Optimization for traffic management and power systems (J-Y. Lucas)
15h40Coffee Break
16hMetaheuristics for data mining (A. Hajjem)Metaheuristics for routing and scheduling 2 (F. Yalaoui)Metaheuristics for risk analysis in power systems (F. Heliodore)

October 30

 Room 1Room 2Room 3
9hMetaheuristics for logistics (F. Yalaoui / F. Dugardin)Metaheuristics for security and green computing (S. Varette)Metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization 1 (E. D. Nino Ruiz)
10h40Coffee Break
11hHybrid metaheuristics 1 (M.Khemakhem)Metaheuristics for bi-level optimization and economics (K. Soric)Bio-inspired collective intelligence algorithms 1 (A. Nakib)

October 31

 Room 1Room 2Room 3
9hBio-inspired collective intelligence algorithms 2 (Julie Rubaszewski)Metaheuristics for engineering design (P. Bouvry)Metaheuristics for continuous optimization (A.Nakib)
10h40Coffee Break
11hMetaheuristics for multi-objective optimization 2 (E. D. Nino Ruiz)Geographical information systems and optimization (S. Krichen)Metaheuristics for scheduling 2 (M. Rekik)
14hHybrid metaheuristics 2 (A. Sbihi)Metaheuristics for logistics (J. Rubaszewski / S. Daoud)Metaheuristics for scheduling 3 (H. Gharsellaoui)
15h40Coffee Break
16hNeural networks (H. Bouziri)Specific optimization methods (S. Haddadi) 

Detailed program


20 mn are planned for each presentation (15 mn talk + 5 mn questions)

October 29


Opening session


Room 1 - Metaheuristics for scheduling 1 (F. Dugardin)

• 62- Local Search For A Personnel Scheduling Problem With Fixed Jobs And An Equity Objective, Damien Prot, Tanguy Lapègue and Odile Bellenguez-Morineau

• 87- Multiobjective Approaches For The Open-Pit Mining Operational Planning Problem, Vitor N. Coelho, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza, Igor Machado Coelho, Raphael C. Cruz and Frederico Gadelha Guimaraes

• 74- A Model And A Local Search For The Integrated Batching And Picking Problem, Christophe Duhamel, Farouk Yalaoui and Lionel Amodeo

• 115- Minimizing The Total Number Of Tardy Jobs In The Permutation Flowshop Problem With Minimal And Maximal Time Lags And Release Dates, Imen Hamdi, Ammar Oulamara and Taicir Loukil

• 128- A Genetic Algorithm For The Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem In Batch Production, Andres Felipe Bernate Lara, Frederic Dugardin, Françoise Entzmann and Farouk Yalaoui

Room 2 - Parallel metaheuristics (E. Taillard)

• 161- High Performance Computing Environments as Sand Piles, Frederic Guinand and Fouad Semaan

• 173- Multi-Threaded Genetic Algorithm for Escaping Local Optima, Angelo G. De Michele and Mario Pavone

• 121- Exploiting graphic cards potentialities for optimising phylogenies problem by using evolutionary algorithm, Benalia Nour El-Houda and Djedi Noureddine

• 133- A Multi And Many-Cores Tabu Search For Solving The Quadratic 3-Dimensional Assignment Problem, Loukil Lakhdar, Melab Nouredine, Beyamina Abou El Hassane and Talbi El-Ghazali

• 91- Tasks Distribution in Hybrid metaheuristics for Exploiting GPU and Multi-core Resources, Thé Van Luong, Eric Taillard, Nouredine Melab and El-Ghazali Talbi

Room 3 - Advanced local search 1 (A. Sbihi)

• 138- Integrated versus Sequential Variable Neighborhood Search for the Multilayer Network Design Problem, Raouia Taktak, Ridha Mahjoub and Nancy Perrot

• 51- A Filter-And-Fan Algorithm For The 0-1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problem, Mahdi Khemakhem, Boukthir Haddar, Khalil Chebil and Said Hanafi

• 162- A Hyper-Heuristic Approach to Optimizing Emergency Response, Duncan T Wilson, Glenn I Hawe, Graham Coates and Roger S Crouch

• 188- On Adaptive Strategies for Variable Neighborhood Descent: An experimental study, Hiba Yahyaoui, Bilel Derbel, Saoussen Krichen and El-Ghazali Talbi

• 159- The Multiple-Choice Integer Programming: a Relax-and-Fix-Tabu Search approach, Sbihi Abdelkader

11h - 12h20

Room 1 - Advanced local search 2 (N. Zuffery)

• 5- Dynamic Tabu Search With Simulation For A Resource Allocation Problem Within A Production Environment, Nicolas Zufferey

• 19- A Data Structure Boosting The Performance Of Local Search For Csp Solving Jean Marie Lagniez, Eric Gregoire and Bertrand Mazure

• 23- Local Search Techniques For A Job Scheduling Problem With Overlapping Costs When Preemptions Are Allowed, Ivo Blöchliger and Nicolas Zufferey

• 45- A Tabou Search Algorithm For Solving The Single-Product/Single-Robot Hoist Scheduling Problem Under Environmental Costs, Rym Ben Othmen, Sonia Hajri-Gabouj and Talel Ladhari

Room 2 - Metaheuristics under uncertainty (M. Aider)

• 15- An Epistemic Multi-Objective Local Search Approach for the Vehicle Routing Problem, Asma Skoudarli, Méziane Aïder, El-Ghazali Talbi and Arnaud Liefooghe

• 36- Heuristic Method For 0/1 Multiobjective Multiconstaint Knapsack Problem Based On Fuzzy Dominance, Chahrazad Adiche and Méziane Aider

• 181- Performance analysis of MLSDO dynamic optimization algorithm, Julien Lepagnot, Amir Nakib, Hamouche Oulhadj and Patrick Siarry

• 185- Multi-Objective approach for the flexibility in Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems, Imen Gharbi and El-Ghazali Talbi

Room 3 - Metaheuristics for routing and scheduling 1 (M. Khemakhem)

• 61- A Scenario-Based Approach For Quality Risk Management: Case Of Annual Crops Scheduling Valeria Borodin, Jean Bourtembourg, Faicel Hnaien and Nacima Labadie

• 56- Metaheuristics for Minimizing the Total Completion Time in Two-machine Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem under Time Lags, Hajer Amdouni and Talel Ladhari

• 71- Recovering Beam Search Approach for the Multi-Skill Project Scheduling Problem, Carlos Montoya, Odile Bellenguez-Morineau and David Rivreau

• 89- GENILS-TS-CL-PR: A Heuristic Algorithm For Solving The Vehicle Routing Problem With Simultaneous Pickup And Delivery, Thais C. B. Silva, Raphael C. Cruz, Marcone J. F. Souza, Vitor N. Coelho, Alexandre X. Martins and Márcio T. Mine


Room 1 - Metaheuristics for bioinformatics (J. Blazewicz)

• 13- A metaheuristic approach to disjoint NOE pathways reconstruction, Marta Szachniuk, Mikolaj Malaczynski and Jacek Blazewicz

• 102- Feature selection for high dimensional regression using local search and statistical criteria, Julie Hamon, Clarisse Dhaenens, Gaël Even and Julien Jacques

• 83- Genetic Biclustering Algorithm of Microarray Data, Ons Maatouk, Wassim Ayadi and Hend Bouziri

• 63- Multi-objective local search for mining Pittsburgh classification rules, Julie Jacques, Julien Taillard, David Delerue, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens

Room 2 - Metaheuristics for packing and knapsack problems (M. Khemakhem)

• 53- Dynamic Programming Based-Heuristic for the Knapsack Problem with Setup, Khalil Chebil, Mahdi Khemakhem, Said Hanafi and Habib Chabchoub

• 155- Rectangle packing, inside a circle, using simulated annealing, Lorena Pradenas, Ignacio Hinostroza and Víctor Parada

• 94- An Hybrid Genetic Approach for Two-dimensional Guillotinable Cutting Problems, Hamadi Hasni and Hamza Gharsellaoui

• 116- Improved Hybrid Heuristic for solving the 0-1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problem, Mariem Ben Salem, Said Hanafi, Christophe Wilbaut and Mariem Gzara

• 47- BPSO and EPSO for 0-1 MKP Resolution, Raida Ktari, Mahdi Khemakhem and Habib Chabchoub

Room 3 - Optimization for traffic management and power systems (J-Y. Lucas)

• 7- A parallel VNS scheme with ILP neighbourhoods. Application to a short term Unit Commitment Problem, Nicolas Dupin

• 22- Hybridization of Augmented Lagrangian and Genetic Algorithm for Day-to-day Unit Commitment Problem, Jean-Yves Lucas and Thomas Triboulet

• 93- Conflict Resolution under uncertainty, Nour Elhouda Dougui, Marcel Mongeau and Daniel Delahaye

• 154- Dynamic 3D Airspace Sectoring by Evolutionary Computation, Daniel Delahaye and Stéphane Puechmorel

• 169- Robust airport gate assignment, Sang Hyun Kim and Eric Feron


Room 1 - Metaheuristics for data mining (A. Hajjem)

• 11- Mixed Effects Random Forest for Clustered Data, Ahlem Hajjem, François Bellavance and Denis Larocque

• 43- A New approach SLS+SVM for Classification in DataMining, Nekkaa Messaouda and Dalila Boughaci

• 100- IARMGA: An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Association Rules Mining, Youcef Djenouri, Habiba Drias and Zineb Habbas

• 39- Filtering model of summarization of multiple documents by tabu search, Mabrouk Akrout, Fethi Jarray and Maher Jaoua

• 147- State of art Approximative pattern matching, Chegrane Ibrahim and Beloucif Meriem

Room 2 - Metaheuristics for routing and scheduling 2 (F. Yalaoui)

• 152- IRPM: A Hybrid Heuristic Algorithm for Solving The Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Setup Times, Matheus N. Haddad, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza, Haroldo Gambini Santos and Alexandre Martins

• 140- A Variable Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Profitable Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Trips, Ahlem Chbichib, Racem Mellouli and Habib Chabchoub

• 141- A General Variable Neighborhood Search for a Rich Orienteering Problem, Rahma Lahyani, Mahdi Khemakhem, Frédéric Semet and Habib Chabchoub

• 148- A genetic algorithm for parallel machine scheduling with consumable resources to minimize makespan, Fayçal Belkaid, Farouk Yalaoui and Zaki Sari

• 149- GRASP Metaheuristic Technicians and Interventions Scheduling problem for telecommunication industry, Amine Chaffai, Samya Elaoud, Said Hanafi and Taycir Loukil

Room 3 - Metaheuristics for risk analysis in power systems (F. Heliodore)

• 108- Metaheuristics for PSS Optimal Tuning for Inter-area Low Frequency Oscillations Damping in Power Networks, Serge Poullain, Frederic Heliodore, Eric Courbon, Boussaad Ismail, Amir Nakib, Patrick Siarry, Lilliam Urrego, Santiago Medina and François Gallon

• 109- Non-Parametric Estimation of Apha-Stable Distributions through Metaheuristics: Particle Swarm Optimization Approach applied to a Power Grid, Boussaad Ismail, Frederic Heliodore, Lilliam Urrego, Santiago Medina, Anne Philippe, Serge Poullain, Eric Courbon, Amir Nakib, Patrick Siarry and François Gallon

• 110- Optimal Location and Sizing of FACTS using Bi-Level Levy Based PSO, Boussaad Ismail, Frederic Heliodore, Serge Poullain, Amir Nakib, Patrick Siarry, Lilliam Urrego, Santiago Medina and François Gallon

• 111- Estimation of Self Similarity Properties using Particle Swarm Optimization, Boussaad Ismail, Frederic Heliodore, Anne Philippe, Lilliam Urrego, Santiago Medina, Serge Poullain, Eric Courbon, Amir Nakib, Patrick Siarry and François Gallon

• 114- The Electric Power Rationing: An optimization Problem ? , Lilliam Urrego, Santiago Medina, Frederic Heliodore, Serge Poullain, Boussaad Ismail, Eric Courbon, Amir Nakib and François Gallon

• 112- Particle Swarm Optimization by GPGPU using OpenCL Layer and Python Environment, Eric Courbon, Boussaad Ismail, Frederic Heliodore, Serge Poullain, Amir Nakib, Patrick Siarry, Lilliam Urrego, Santiago Medina and François Gallon

October 30


Room 1 - Metaheuristics for logistics (F. Yalaoui / F. Dugardin)

• 32- Lot sizing for manufacturing/remanufacturing with product returns, Atif Dounas, alice Yalaoui, Lionel amodeo, Julie Rubaszewski

• 107- Ant Colony Approach to Optimise the Production Cost and Lead Time in Supply Chains, Luis A. Moncayo-Martinez and Gustavo Recio

• 129- A hybrid genetic algorithm to solve the optimization problem of assignment containers to AIVs in a container terminal, Radhia Zaghdoud, Khaled Mesghouni, Simon Collart Dutilleul, Kamel Zidi and Khaled Ghedira

• 131- Multi-objective Optimization of Supply Chains with Returns, Matthieu Godichaud and Lionel Amodeo

• 57- Modeling and Solving a class of Bin Packing problems in Supply Chain Embedded in Full Web Applications, Ahmed Rhiat and Abder Aggoun

Room 2 - Metaheuristics for security and green computing (S. Varette)

• 119- Convergence of Distributed Cellular Evolutionary Algorithms in Presence of Crash Faults and Cheaters, Jakub Muszyński, Sebastien Varrette, Juan Luiz Jiménez Laredo, Bernabe Dorronsoro and Pascal Bouvry

• 79- Group particle swarm optimization for cryptanalysis of classical ciphers, Tahar Mekhaznia, Mohamed El Bachir Menai and Abdelmadjid Zidani

• 8- A Multi-start Local Search Scheduler for an Energy-aware Cloud Manager, Yacine Kessaci, Nouredine Melab and El-Ghazali Talbi

• 66- Mapping repetitives tasks on regular NoC Architecture with Hybrid Multi-objective Algorithm, Abdelkader Aroui, Pierre Boulet, Abou El Hassan Benyamina and Lakhdar Loukil

• 139- A heuristic approach for relief distribution in disaster areas, T. Mastouri, M. Rekik, J. Renaud, Atidel Hadj-alouane

• 127- Detecting DoS attacks in WSN based on Clustering Technique Djamel Mansouri, Lynda Mokdad, Jalel Ben-Othman and Malika Ioualalen

Room 3 - Metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization 1 (E. D. Nino Ruiz)

• 168- Using possibility theory to solve a multi-objective combinatorial problem under uncertainty: Definition of new Pareto optimality, Oumayma Bahri, Talbi El-Ghazal and Nahla Ben Amor

• 82- Comparison of metaheuristics for solving the bi-objective flexible job shop problem, Julien Autuori, Faicel Hnaien and Farouk Yalaoui

• 78- Multiobjective Tabu Algorithm for Optimizing Carsharing Systems, Laurent Moalic, Sid Lamrous and Alexandre Caminada

• 120- Compromising NSGA-II performances and stopping criteria: case of virtual peach design, Mohamed-Mahmoud Ould-Sidi, Abdeslam Kadrani, Bénédicte Quilot-Turion, Françoise Lescourret and Michel Génard

• 3- A Novel, Evolutionary Algorithm based on the Automata Theory for the Multi-objective Optimization of Combinatorial Problems, Elias David Niño Ruiz and Carlos Julio Ardila Hernandez


Room 1 - Hybrid metaheuristics 1 (M.Khemakhem)

• 31- Optimization of a mobile robot’s tracking with time windows using hybridization of genetic algorithms with CSP approach, Tlijani Hayet, Knani Jilani and Msirdi Nacer

• 40- A New GRASP-DE algorithm for solving no-wait flowshop scheduling problem, Hanen Akrout, Bassem Jarboui, Patrick Siarry and Abdelwaheb Rebai

• 50- The new hybridization between Harmony Search and Differential Evolution algorithms, Marwa Ammar, Mohamed Adel Alimi and Souhir Bouaziz

• 52- Iterative Linear Programming-based Heuristic for the 0–1 Knapsack Sharing Problem, Boukthir Haddar, Mahdi Khemakhem, Said Hanafi and Habib Chabchoub

• 77- RSS-COPP: A Research Support System Based Genetic Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems under Permutation Property, Lamia Trabelsi and Talel Ladhari

Room 2 - Metaheuristics for bi-level optimization and economics (K. Soric)

• 99- A Coevolutionary Metaheuristic for a Long Haul Freight Transportation Bilevel Price Setting Problem, Luce Brotcorne, M. Diaby, Rémi Gaymay and El-Ghazali Talbi

• 6- Bi-level supply chain optimization in olive oil industry, Silvija Vlah Jerić and Kristina Šorić

• 122- An improved exact method for the discrete (r|p)-centroid problem, Ekaterina Alekseeva and Yuri Kochetov

• 42- Combinatorial Auctions for Task Allocation in Disaster Response Hakim Mitiche and Dalila Boughaci

• 103- Feature Selection in Bankruptcy Prediction Using EMO, Antonio Gaspar-Cunha, Gustavo Recio, Lino Costa and Cesar Estebanez

Room 3 - Bio-inspired collective intelligence algorithms 1 (A. Nakib)

• 182- An improved PSO-2S algorithm using Dynamic Cluster topology, Abbas El Dor, Maurice Clerc and Patrick Siarry

• 49- A Fast Tour Construction Algorithm for ACOTSP, Kohei Shimane and Reiji Suda

• 59- A discrete artificial bee colony algorithm for resource-constrained project scheduling problem, Nouri Nouha, Krichen Sawssen and Ladhari Talel

• 124- The Foraging Search for Clustering Problems, Ayca Altay and Gulgun Kayakutlu

• 80- Dynamic Multiobjective Evacuation Problem, Manel Hajjem, Hend Bouziri and El-Ghazali Talbi

October 31


Room 1 - Bio-inspired collective intelligence algorithms 2 (Julie Rubaszewski)

• 35- Efficient bees algorithm for unidirectional flow path design, Julie Rubaszewski, Alice Yalaoui, Lionel Amodeo and Sylvain Fuchs

• 81- Generating the Walk of a Biped Robot Using a Particle Swarm Optimization, Nada Kherici and Yamina Mohamed Ben Ali

• 151- Effective instruction trees for the graph coloring problem, Carlos Contreras Bolton, Gustavo Gatica and Víctor Parada

• 85- A Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm applied to the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems, Ouerfelli Hela and Dammak Abdelaziz

• 118- Image segmentation by Honey bee optimization, Hajer Ben Othman, Sadok Bouamama and Patrick Siarry

Room 2 - Metaheuristics for engineering design (P. Bouvry)

• 14- Optimal design of IIR digital filters using spiral optimization technique, Abdelmadjid Recioui, Abderrahmane Ouadi and Hamid Bantarzi

• 142- Interactive SW/HW partitioning based on TABU search, Amina Magdich, Yessine Hadj Kacem and Adel Mahfoudhi

• 163- A Local Search Algorithm for Telecommunication Satellite Payload Configuration, Apostolos Stathakis, Gregoire Danoy, El-Ghazali Talbi and Pascal Bouvry

• 27- An Heuristic Approach for Capacitated Survivable Network Design in telecommunication networks, Meriem Khelifi and Malika Babes

• 18- Optimization by heuristic algorithm for the solder joints of an electronic card, Safaa Assif, Hanaa Hachimi, Mohammed Agouzoul, Rachid Ellaia, Abdelhallak El Hami, Younes Aoues

Room 3 - Metaheuristics for continuous optimization (A. Nakib)

• 55- A Simple Setting Method for Convergence Rate of Spiral Optimization, Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda

• 20- Local search algorithm for reconstructing homogeneous binary images, Alain Billionnet, Fethi Jarray, Ghassen Tlig and Ezzedine Zagrouba

• 175- Fusion of criteria for evaluating MRI image segmentation, Salma Hajjem, Hammouch Oulhadj, Amir Nakib, Moncef Tagina and Patrick Siarry

• 54- Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Swarm Optimization with Chemotactic Differential Evolution Algorithm, Yosra Jarraya, Souhir Bouaziz and Adel Alimi

• 58- A Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm Based P-Systems for Continuous Functions, Khaira Tazir and Yamina Mohamed Ben Ali


Room 1 - Metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization 2 (E. D. Nino Ruiz)

• 2- A Novel, Evolutionary, Simulated Annealing inspired Algorithm for the Multi-Objective Optimization of Combinatorial Problems, Elias David Niño Ruiz and Carlos Julio Ardila Hernandez

• 17- Approximate methods for solving multi-objective bi-dimensional vector packing problem, Nadia Dahmani, François Clautiaux, Saoussen Krichen and Talbi El-Ghazali

• 135- Distributed Genetic Algorithm NSGA II for solving the DARP, Alaya Raddaoui and Kamel Zidi

• 37- Tabu Search algorithm using fuzzy dominance to solve the multi-objective knapsack problem, Larbi Asli, Méziane Aider and Chahrazad Adiche

Room 2 - Geographical information systems and optimization (S. Krichen)

• 178- GIS based tabu search for solving multi depot VRP, Saoussen Krichen and Ghofrane Drira

• 180- A knapsack modelling for geographical webviews materialization, Radhia Toujani and Khaoula Mahmoudi

• 177- Optimal geographical resource sharing, Rahma Dhaouidi and Khaoula Mahmoudi

• 172- A SDSS for solving the loading and routing problem, Saoussen Krichen, Sami Faiz and Takwa Tlili

Room 3 - Metaheuristics for scheduling 2 (M. Rekik)

• 156- A tabu search heuristic for a sequence-dependent scheduling problem on a multi-state machine, Chaïma Soudani, Monia Rekik, Adnene Hajji and Atidel Hadj-Alouane

• 170- The AGV scheduling problem: Metaheuristic approach with genetic and hybrid algorithms, Dkhil Hamdi, Chabchoub Habib and Yassine Adnan

• 92- Optimization of distributed maintenance activities by using genetic algorithms, Zeghichi Nafissa and Mouss Hayet

• 144- Metaheuristic for S-stage Flexible Flow Shop scheduling problem with availability constraints, Nadia Chaabane, Racem Mellouli and Faouzi Masmoudi


Room 1 - Hybrid metaheuristics 2 (A. Sbihi)

• 150- A Pareto LS-ACO algorithm for multi-objective knapsack problem, Imen Ben Mansour and Inès Alaya

• 25- Cost minimization of service deployment in a public cloud environment : A metaheuristic approach, François Legillon, Noureddine Melab, El-ghazali Talbi, Didier Renard

• 76- A Strategic Process based Method for Designing Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization Problems under Permutation Property, Lamia Trabelsi and Talel Ladhari

• 113- Local Search and A* Algorithm for solving Robust Shortest Path Problem, Yakoub Bouchenine, Zineb Habbas, Habiba Drias and Djamel Khadraoui

• 38- A generic approach for the determination of several optimal solutions for dynamic programming problems, Bchira Ben Mabrouk, Hamadi Hasni and Zaher Mahjoub

• 41- Evaluation for Acquiring Method for Agents’ Actions with Ant Colony Optimization in Multi-agent System, Hisayuki Sasaoka

Room 2 - Metaheuristics for logistics (J. Rubaszewski / S. Daoud)

• 96- Genetic algorithm for a problem of product permutation in dual flow-shop scheduling, Achraf Jabeur Telmoudi, Farouk yalaoui, Lotfi Nabli and Lionel Amodeo

• 164- An approach combining AMOSA and TOPSIS for process plan generation in reconfigurable manufacturing systems, Bensmaine Abderrahmane, Dahane Mohammed and Benyoucef Lyes

• 123- Robotic assembly line balancing using a genetic algorithm with an artificial neural network, Slim Daoud, Lionel Amodeo, Farouk Yalaoui, Hicham Chehade and Philippe Duperray

• 137- Solving stochastic vehicle routing problem by clustering genetic algorithm, Amous Sawsan and Boujelbene Younes

• 26- Using ACO and archive concepts in a hybrid genetic crossover for a scheduling problem with sequence dependent sequence times, Aymen Sioud, Marc Gravel and Caroline Gagné

Room 3 - Metaheuristics for scheduling 3 (H. Gharsellaoui)

• 136- A heuristic approach based on the negotiation multi-agents for the resolution of the DDBAP, Sami Mnasri and Kamel Zidi

• 60- A Multi Agent System To Resolve A Timetable Problem, Malika Babes

• 101- Aperiodic OS Tasks Scheduling for Hard-Real-Time Distributed Systems, Hamza Gharsellaoui, Tarek Amari and Samir Ben Ahmed

• 105- Schedulability Analysis and Optimization of Reconfigurable OS Tasks in Distributed Real-Time Systems, Hamza Gharsellaoui, Mohamed Khalgui and Samir Ben Ahmed

• 153- A tabu search based decision support system for RMS scheduling problems, Fatma Abdelkefi, Adnene Hajji, M. Rekik


Room 1 - Neural networks (H. Bouziri)

• 90- Multicriteria classification using neural network, Marwa Ben Naceur, Zouhour Ben Salem and Hend Bouziri

• 68- Hopfield Neural Network for Microscopic Evacuation of Buildings, Boutheina Amina Aoun, Hend Bouziri and Zouhour Neji Ben Selem

• 132- Feature Selection Using a Neuro-Genetic Approach For Arabic Text Recognition, Marwa Amara and Kamel Zidi

• 165- A Neural Petri Nets based on Back Propagation and Differential Evolution algorithms, Belhassen Mazigh and Olfa Mabrouk

• 183- A functional link artificial neural network based evolutionary algorithm for data mining and classification, Faissal Mili, Manel Hamdi

• 4- A human inspired algorithm for the one dimensional bin packing, Lei Wang, Wenqi Huang, Zhipeng Lü, Patrick De Causmaecker, Aihua Yin, Zhi Huang and Wu Zheng

Room 2 - Specific optimization methods (S. Haddadi)

• 67- Simple heuristic for the set covering problem, Salim Haddadi and Sara Chenche

• 97- Revision of the Martins algorithm for (σ-S | μ-M) problems, Houas Mohamed

• 72- Optimality Criterion of Bi-Criteria Optimal Control Problem with Terminal Constraints, Oukacha Brahim and Aidene Mohamed

• 16- Calibration problems, Belaide Karima and Dahmani Abdelnacer

• 29- Optimize over the efficient set of multiple stochastic integer linear problem Abbaci Leila, Moulai Mustapha