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Seminar of

Lihong Li

18 December 2014

Multi-armed Bandits on the Internet

Originally inspired by problems like clinical trials and resource allocation, multi-armed bandits have recently found novel and important uses on the Internet.  In these problems, one can often collect a large amount of rich data at a relatively low cost.  Such a unique combination of  "big data" characteristics has motivated the study of several extensions of the standard bandit model, which proved to be very useful in practice.  Furthermore, some research directions that appeared ambitious in the past are now becoming more promising with the bless of big data.  This talk reviews some of these applications, with a dual focus on algorithms and evaluation, and concludes with lessons and challenges that arose from experiences at Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Lieu :  10h30 à 12h. salle plénière, bâtiment A, Inria.


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