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Offre de recrutement contractuel

2 Postes offerts en ingénieurie informatique : 1 Research Engineer and 1 Development Engineer

Introduction : L’équipe FOX du Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille et localisée à l'IRCICA travaille sur l'analyse du mouvement à partir de la vidéo, avec comme application l'extraction du comportement humain à partir des flux vidéo .

Elle est impliquée dans des programmes régionaux et nationaux.
Ce recrutement s’inscrit dans le cadre du projet européen EMPATHIC.

Contact : merci d'adresser vos candidatures – marius.bilasco@lifl.fr



Subject : Research and Developments Positions in Affective/Behaviour Computing

Context: The FOX research group (LIFL, U Lille1) focuses on motion analysis from video. Its main application is the extraction of human behavior from video streams. We study new motion descriptors that extend current descriptors to detect, to characterize and to track mobile objects. We consider four mains domains of validation: the gaze, the event, the emotions and the recognition of individuals. Our work covers two levels : individual and crowd. In most of this work, our priority is real time solutions, in order to have a very high level of reactivity.

In the scope of EMPATHIC Products project, FOX team is involved in activities related to affect person or group characterization from video streams. EMPATHIC Products is an ITEA2-11005 European project that involves 31 partners from 8 countries. It aims to improve the user experience by applying "empathetic technologies" in order to understand and meet the intentions and emotions of users when using applications. Intelligent interaction technologies capture the intentions and emotions of people in semantic structures (acquisition & processing, representation), draws on research in context awareness, affective computing and multimodal interaction (new multimodal & multi-device), and can be used to provide appropriate interaction with possible emotional or supportive feedback (intelligent systems).

Currently we are working on affect characterization in application contexts such as: videoconferencing, home cinema, shopping environments. The variety of contexts requires the development of techniques that computes the affect from several channels: face, upper- and whole- body.

Missions :

The expected contributions will focus on conceiving and developing innovative techniques for detecting meaningful and actionable changes in subject or group affect state. An actionable change corresponds to variations in subject behavior that require an intervention from the system in order to enhance the user experiences. For instance, if the users gets interested in a subject related content or more in-depth information can be pushed to the user. The focus on actionable changes is important as we are aiming at constructing interactive systems capable to take advantage of the user implicit feedback on the fly.

The candidate should collaborate with the members of the FOX team on one or several research objectives. The candidate is expected to contribute to :

Profil :

Programming in C/C++ and a knowledge of OpenCV library

Strong math / algorithm development

Strong communications

Proactive problem solver

Human Behavior/Affect study background

Positions : 1 Research Engineer and 1 Development Engineer (12-18 months)

Starting date: As soon as possible

Duration: until Septembre 2015 (end of EMPATHIC project)

Salary: to be defined with regard to expertise 1.4ke-2ke net/month

Location: IRCICA, Villeneuve D’Ascq (France)

Contact: marius.bilasco@lifl.fr




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