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What do I need to use JEDI ?

JEDI is based on the Java programming language. If no Java Development Kit is installed on your computer, you can get it on the Download Java SE Webpage.

Where can I download JEDI ?

On this page !

IODA and JEDI are active research projects. Thus, the JEDI Simulation framework, tutorials or the API might be changed. If such things happen, a notification will be put on this website.

  • Since 04/06/2010, the version of JEDI available on this website is 2.3.21 instead of 2.3.20. It corrects a deadlock bug found in SimulationThread class, and a display bug when the "java -jar JEDI_lib.jar" was used. Minor corrections were also made to increase the visibility of some attributes.
  • Since 26/02/2010, the version of JEDI available on this website is 2.3.20 instead of 2.3.10. Most changes are related to code optimization, and bug correction.

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