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JEDI Presentation

The Java Environment for the Design of agent Interactions (JEDI) is a simulation framework that implements accurately IODA concepts: Interactions, Agents, Interaction Matrix Line, Interaction Functions and Halo are implemented as java Classes and java Interfaces.

It is dedicated to discrete time simulations, where agents act in sequence during a time step. It uses a two-dimensional continuous environment, where agents are represented by a rectangular ground surface.

It is a highly parametrable framework:

  • random numbers generator can be customized;
  • agents scheduler for a simulation step can be customized;
  • agents can be represented in the environment as points or as surfaces;
  • agents have a modular structure: their interaction abilities, their behavior, and their perception process can be modified independently;
  • JEDI is based on a highly parametrable MVC design pattern, that makes possible to add customized simulation observers (statistics analysis, new graphical interface to display environment, etc.).

The following java applet (which uses the JEDI framework) demonstrates IODA principles, and illustrates how the behavior of agents are dynamically defined with the interaction matrix:

Screenshot of the demonstration applet of IODA.
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