Submodel Engine for EMF (Click here)

This engine provides a set of core functionalities (via plugins Eclipse) to determine how models relate according to the submodel relationships, ranging from simple inclusion of elements sets to invariant submodels. This engine is extensible and can be easily customized to work with multiple metamodels given that models conforming to a metamodel can be transformed in our model formulation, that is as a set of model elements and a partial order derived from their dependency constraints.

UML Profile for MBE Templates (Aspectual and Generative) (Click here)

The available technology provides primary components for the building of Template Based Model Driven Engineering. That includes a UML profile for aspectual templates, correctness functionalities, implementation of template operators, model completion facilities, model viewer...
The structure of plugins allow developers to integrate, extend, combine these facilities according to their own needs.

EMFScript (Click here)

EMFScript is an extension of Javascript for the framework of meta-modeling EMF of Eclipse.

PyEMOF (Click here)

PyEMOF is an implementation of EMOF in python .

UML Profile for Aspectual Templates - Old Version - (Click here)

UML Profile for "Aspectual Templates" and dedicated Eclipse plugins: editing, composition (binding) and verifier (OCL constraints).