ISPDC 2005


Notes and Guidelines for Authors

  • There were nearly 80 papers submitted and only 41 of them were accepted. All articles were reviewed by at least 2 reviewers (and at most 4). The results of these reviews are available on the conference server and are accessible using the same login and password used for the submission.
  • To ensure publication in the IEEE conference proceedings, you must register on the web site and pay all applicable fees. Due to the delay in IEEE CS press the proceedings will be published post conference. The IEEE must have contacted you with instructions to prepare your manuscript for publication. The IEEE style for ISPDC could be also find here.
  • A copy of your corrected article must be send to
  • Please send also an latex formatted page (possibly word) with the author's names, the title, the abstract and the keywords ( This is due for the June 10th, 2005.
  • Registration are open.
  • In order to consult your review results, press the button below.

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