ISPDC 2005
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Monday July 4th

8.30 AM Symposium Opening and Registration
9.15 AM Welcome Address
9.30 AM Plenary Session - Keynote Speaker

Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago, USA
A new Era in Computing Moving Services onto Grid
10.30 AM Coffee Break

Session 1: Scheduling

Session Chair: Isaac Sherson, University of California, Irvine, USA

10.45 AM Task Scheduling for Dynamic SMP Clusters with Communication on the Fly for Bounded Number of Resources

L. Masko
11.05 AM Java Byte Code Scheduling Based on the Most-Often-Used-Paths in Programs with Branches

E. Laskowski, M. Tudruj, R. Olejnik, B. Toursel
11.25 AM Performance Effective Task Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Computing System

E. Ilavarasan, P. Thambidurai, R. Mahilmannan
11.45 AM Cocktail
1.00 PM Lunch

Session 2: Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing (1)

Session Chair: Dana Petcu, Western University of Timisoara, Romania

2.15 PM Cellular Nonlinear Network Grids – a new Grid Computing Approach

R. Kunz, R. Tetzlaff
2.35 PM Towards Scalable Grid Replica Optimization Framework

M. Ciglan, L. Hluchý
2.55 PM A Comparative Simulation Analysis of P2P System Architectures

A. Mahanta, T. Theeramunkong
3.15 PM Adaptive window scheduling for a hierarchical agent system

H. Dail, F. Desprez
3.35 PM Enforcing consistency during the adaptation of a parallel component

J. Buisson, F. André, J.-L. Pazat 
3.55 PM GMRES Method on Lightweight GRID System

H. He, G. Bergère, S. Petiton
4.15 PM Presentation: Pr Dan Grigoras, "E-Next: Network of Excellence - Emerging Network Technologies"
4.35 PM Coffee
6.00 PM
Social event: Guided Tour of Old Lille & Local Beer Tasting

Tuesday July 5th

9.00 AM Plenary Session - Keynote Speaker

Enrique Alba Torres, University of Malaga, Spain
10.00 AM Coffee
Session 3: Monitoring, Scheduling and Load Balancing
Session Chair: Dan Grigoras, University College Cork, Ireland

10.20 AM A Strategy proof Mechanism for Scheduling Divisible Loads in Distributed Systems

D. Grosu, T. E. Carroll
10.40 AM Load balancing with migration based on synchronizers in PS-GRADE graphical tool

M. Tudruj, J. Borkowski, D. Kopañski
11.00 AM Ghost Process: a Sound Basis to Implement Process Duplication, Migration and Checkpoint/Restart in Linux Clusters

G. Vallee, R. Lottiaux, D. Margery, C. Morin, J.-Y. Berthou
11.20 AM Load Balancing Algorithm in Cluster-based RNA secondary structure Prediction

G. Tan, S. Feng, N. Sun
11.40 AM Measuring and improving quality of parallel application monitoring based on global states

J. Borkowski
12.00 AM Profiling Macro Data Flow Graphs for Parallel Implementation of FDTD Computations

A. Smyk, M. Tudruj
12.20 PM Presentation of Thierry Priol (INRIA research Director & Scientific coordinator of CoreGRID): CoreGRID a European Network of Excellence on Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications for large scale distributed, GRID and Peer-to-Peer Technologies .
12.40 AM Lunch
Session 4: Optimization, Scientific Computing and Applications
Session Chair: Thierry Priol, INRIA research Director

2.00 PM A Distributed Algorithm For Maximum Flow Problem

T. L. Pham, I. Lavallee, M. Bui, S. H. Do
2.20 PM A Distributed Prime Sieving Algorithm based on Scheduling by Multiple Edge Reversal

G. Paillard, C. Lavault, F. França
2.40 PM A Compiler-Directed Energy Saving Strategy for Parallelizing Applications in On-Chip Multiprocessors

J. Chen, X.-J. Yang, Y. Dong, D. Wu
3.00 PM Towards Massively Parallel Numerical Computations Based on Dynamic SMP Clusters with Communication on the Fly

M. Tudruj, L. Masko
3.20 PM SSOR Preconditioned Conjugent Gradient Implementation in Dynamic SMP Clusters with Communication on the Fly

B. Butrylo, M. Tudruj, L. Masko, L. Nicolas, C. Vollaire
3.40 PM Coffee
Session 5: Mobile & Agent-based Computing
Session Chair: Bertil Folliot, University of Paris 6, France

4.00 PM Towards introducing code mobility on J2ME

L. L. Petrea, D. Grigoras
4.20 PM A Component-based Software Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing

A. Flissi, C. Gransart, P. Merle
4.40 PM Service Driven Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Formation and Management

D. Grigoras, M. Riordan
5.00 PM Embedded cost model in mobile agents for large scale query optimization

M. Hussein, F. Morvan, A. Hameurlain
5.20 PM Designing Agent Based Travel Support System

M. Gordon
5.40 PM Presentation of Vincent Obozinski, Principal Administrator, European Commission, DG Information Society and Media Grid Technologies Unit (DG INFSO-F2):
From Grid technologies (in 6th FP of IST RTD 2002-2006) to Knowledge Utility Services oriented Architectures (in FP7).
8.00 PM Symposium Dinner

 Wednesday July 6th

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Session 6: Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing (2)
Session Chair: Pr. Wang, University of HOHI, China
8.30 AM An Efficient Load Balancing Scheme for Grid-based High Performance Scientific Computing

A. Kejariwal, A. Nicolau
8.50 AM A study of meta-scheduling architectures for high throughput computing: Pull vs. Push

V. Garonne, A. Tsaregorodtsev, E. Caron
9.10 AM Scheduling Scheme based on Dedication Rate in Volunteer Computing Environment

E.-J. Byun
9.30 AM Data distribution for failure correlation management in a Peer to Peer Storage

C. Randriamaro, O. Soyez, G. Utard, F. Wlazinski
9.50 AM Collaborative Data Distribution with BitTorrent for Computational Desktop Grids

B. Wei, G. Fedak, F. Cappello
10.10 AM Managing MPICH-G2 Jobs with WebCom-G

P. J. ODowd, A. Patil, J. P. Morrison
10.30 AM Coffee
Session 7: Distributed Algorithms and Databases
Session Chair:El-Ghazali Talbi, Polytech'lillersity of
9.50 AM
Extenrgb( OBDDuj
A study of meta-scheduling architectures for high throughput dc20duting: Pull vs. Push

Cwork of it (DG i, C. Gras td> Collaborative Data Distribution with BitTorrent for Computatit: b0uting: Pull vs. Push

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10.30 AM Coffee<22005/presentations/Lukasz-Masko.pdf" > Ta
Session 4: Optimid Algorithms and Databases

Session 4: OptiilleG. Utard8: uj, L. Masko,s/trnt-s.25le> zaliSecu. My <
9.30 AM
Symposium Dinner
Symposium Dinner
Collaborative Data Distribution with BitTorrent for Computati3200 ">Symposium Dinner
Collaborative Data Distribution with BitTorrent for Computati3220 ">Symposium Dinner  GMRES M

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