Important Dates

Application are now open for September 2016

  • Recruiting period until  2016 April 30th


These last years, data science has emerged as a major field at the intersection of computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics.

We have now understood that data may improve the quality of the interactions between human beings and artifacts (software, or robots). Among other consequences, data may lead to large economical benefits. However, raw data have to be processed and refined up to reach knowledge. That’s data science: given an objective, be able to figure out which data are useful and accessible, how to manage them, how to process them, which information can be extracted from them. The amount of data is typically big.

To perform data science, the major refining tool is machine learning, which is a subtle cocktail of computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics.

Companies worldwide strive to recruit millions of experts in machine learning, and big data. Within a decade or two, these technologies will have an impact on our society that goes far beyond our imagination.

To take part to this technological revolution, come to study at Lille!


Lille is a very dynamic city. Lille is at the center of a Euro-metropole of more than 1 million inhabitants. Lille is just one hour of train from Paris, 30 minutes from Brussels, less than 2 hours from London. There is about 100 000 students studying in Lille. There are dozens of start-ups, SMEs dealing with data science, located in Lille and its suburbs. Major national and international groups have offices at Lille.

Master’s head

The persons in charge for this master’s program are:

  • Philippe Preux Full Professor at the University of Lille and Head of Inria SequeL team-project,
  • Marc Tommasi Full Professor at the University of Lille and Head of the Inria Magnet  team,
  • Jérémie Mary Associate Professor at the University of Lille and member of the Inria SequeL team-project.

Some of the responsibles of courses are :

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