To enter the master, prior training of candidates will be assessed through their skills in:

  • computer science:
    • algorithms, and data stucture
    • programming language (C and C++ are favored)
    • SQL as a query language
    • basics in computer architecture
  • statistics
    • basic notions: mean, variance.
    • knowledge of R/matlab is a plus
  • applied maths
    • linear algebra
    • calculus
    • basics in optimization is a plus

Fluency  in english is compulsory, french a plus.

During the selection the emphasis is put on the ability to produce some code rather than on the maths skills. The program is oriented towards programmers who wants to improve their skills in statistics and data mining.

In France’s public institutions of higher education, the government bears the bulk of the cost of education – an average of €10,000 per student per year.

Annual tuition rates at public institutions are set by law. The rates for the 2014–15 academic year is €261 for master’s programs

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If you pass the selection you will be contacted around June for complete administrative registration.