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"In 2010, we have started the MINY project (Multimodality Is Nice for You). It mainly aims at studying the benefits of applying Model Driven Engineering (MDE) to the design and the development of multimodal application. We focus on platform that allow the construction of multimodal web applications. The reason of this choice is that web applications can run on a lot of terminals, do not need heavy installation steps and can be modified at runtime thanks to reflexive properties of Javascript. We also focus on platforms which deal with affordable devices (<500! and stable drivers) and which are easy to setup. With such a multi-devices support, programmers could combine devices to create modalities"

extract from our demo at UIST 2010


MINY and WSE have been created by Xavier Le Pallec, Raphaël Marvie, José Rouillard and Jean-Claude Tarby.

Contact : {xavier.le-pallec, jose.rouillard, raphael.marvie, jean-claude.tarby} @ univ-lille1.fr


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