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ARTiS: An Asymmetric Real-Time Scheduling

Real-time intensive signal processing applications have been traditionally deployed on various custom platforms. Meanwhile, the enterprise computing market had spurred the advent of inexpensive and powerful systems based on widely available processors. Today, SMP systems associating a potentially large number of recent processors are deemed to cope with the needs of the most demanding real-time applications. On the operating system side, GNU/Linux is gaining wider acceptance and extending GNU/Linux to tackle real-time application scheduling is a common approach.

We propose ARTiS, an asymmetric real-time scheduling for SMP systems. ARTiS ensures the possible preemption of a processor when the system has to schedule a real-time process.

We have modified the GNU/Linux SMP scheduler to implement ARTiS. The first implementation has run as a modified 2.4 GNU/Linux kernel on Intel IA-32 systems. An evaluation of this approach shown significant improvements.

The current version of ARTiS extends our first model and targets both x86 and IA-64 SMP platforms. It now focuses kernel 2.6.

This work is conducted in the frame of the ITEA project #01010, HYADES.

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Nov 17 2005, 19:21.