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SPPoC: Symbolic Parameterized Polyhedral Calculator

What is it all about?

Polyhedral computation tools


All the field of the static analysis of "static control" programs.

Installing SPPoC

Requirements, download area

SPPoC is written in Objective Caml. You will need version 3.00 (or higher) of the Objective Caml compiler [download]. You will also need the companion program camlp4 [download].

As the PolyLib uses the GNU MP library to handle multi-precision arithmetic, you will need to download it as well [download].

You will also need the GNU versions of make and test and gcc v3.3 or higher.

Finally, you can download the source files of SPPoC (current version: 1.2.1 released 2003/11/19): [download (763KB)] (it includes the PolyLib v4.16, the omega library v1.1 and a modified version of PIP).

The development version is available at http://repo.or.cz/w/sppoc.git (thanks to Sven Verdoolaege for setting this up). The main differences from release 1.2.1 are the removal of the polylib and Omega from the tool (you should now use an standard install of those libraries), the adaptation to the new ocaml compiler versions (you need camlp5 to compile).

Optionally you can download and install the ledit line editor that improves the editing facilities of sppoc [download].


User's Guide

In all the cases you have to open the SPPoC module (via the open SPPoC;; statement) to be able to avoid prefixing all the sppoc commands by SPPoC.

TO DO list

Main Publications

Abstract (in French) and slides of the presentation of SPPoC at the Workshop Compilation et Parallélisation Automatique in St Nabor, October 1999.

The LIFL Research Report 00-04 (in French) describing SPPoC and some applications: "SPPoC : fonctionnement et applications".

SPPoC : manipulation automatique de polyèdres pour la compilation (in French), Technique et Science Informatique, volume 20, n°8, pages 1019--1048, 2001

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