Here is a list of some implementations I wrote.

  1. The MAGMA code of a practical key-recovery attack against the SFLASH sgnature scheme
  2. The MAGMA code of an algorithm that breaks the quadratic IP1S problem
  3. An automatically-generated attack on one full round of AES with one known plaintext. Performs 2^40 operations. Here.
  4. An automatically-found, manually-written state-recovery on Pelican-MAC, given one collision. Performs 2^32 operations, uses 36GB of RAM and 80 GB of storage. Here.
  5. An automatically-found, manually-written state-recovery part of a fault attack on the full AES, where a fault is introduced in round 8. Runs in a few seconds. Here.
  6. A tool to find attacks on reduced versions of the AES automatically is available Here.

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