This is a list of presentations I made.
  1. [pdf ] Quadratic Maps Linear Equivalence (ARITH seminar, Montpellier, June 2012)
  2. [pdf ] Supposedly Hard Problems in Multivariate Cryptography (CARAMEL seminar, Nancy, January 2012)
  3. [pdf ] Symbolic Methods for the Automatic Search of Attacks Against Some Block Ciphers (LSV seminar, Cachan, December 2011)
  4. [pdf ] Automatic Search of Attacks on round-reduced AES and Applications (Crypto 2011) Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 2011
  5. [pdf ] Practical Cryptanalysis of the Identification Scheme Based on the Isomorphism of Polynomial With One Secret Problem (PKC 2011) Taormina, Italy, March 2011
  6. [pdf ] A Family of Weak Keys for HFE (and the corresponding practical Key-Recovery Attack) (SCC 2010) Egham, UK, June 2010
  7. [pdf ] Fast Exhaustive Search for Polynomial Systems over GF(2) (TOOLS 2010) Egham, UK, June 2010
  8. [pdf ] Isomorphism of Polynomials (UVSQ Crypto Seminar, Versailles) Versailles, France, June 2010
  9. [pdf ] Herding, Second Preimage and Trojan Message Attacks Beyond Merkle-Damgaard (SAC'2009) Calgary, Canada, August 2009
  10. [pdf ] Analysis of the Collision Resistance of RadioGatún Using Algebraic Techniques (SAC'2008) Sackville, Canada, August 2008
    (also presented at the ENSTA/LIP6 seminar on October 31th)
  11. [pdf ] Second Preimage Attacks on Dithered Hash Functions (Eurocrypt'2008) Istanbul, Turkey, April 2008
  12. [pdf ] Sécurité et preuves de sécurité des fonctions de hachage (in french, Master's defense) Paris, France, September 2007
  13. [ppt, pdf ] Using First-Order Theorem Provers in Data Structure Verification (Verification, Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation 2007 - VMCAI'07). Nice, France, January 2007
  14. [ppt, pdf ] Theorem proving and data structure verification (spring-summer 2006 Internship in MIT CSAIL, Cambridge, USA). Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, September 2006
  15. [ppt, pdf] Using First-Order Theorem Provers in Data Structure Verification. MIT, august 2006
  16. [ppt - 10 Mo !] Parallelizations of iterative loops (in french, summer 2005 Internship in ID-IMAG lab., Grenoble). Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, September 2005