Here is a list of my publications. Click on titles for abstracts and additionnal information.

  1. Revisiting and Improving Algorithms for the 3XOR Problem (Tr. on Symmetric Crypto, 2018)
  2. Parallel Sparse PLUQ Factorization modulo p (PASCO, 2017)
  3. Fast Lattice-Based Encryption: Stretching Spring (PQ Crypto, 2017)
  4. Sparse Gaussian Elimination modulo p: an Update (CASC, 2016)
  5. New Second-Preimage Attacks on Hash Functions (Journal of Cryptology, 2016)
  6. Cryptographic Schemes Based on the ASASA Structure: Black-box, White-box, and Public-key (Asiacrypt'14)
  7. Provable Second Preimage Resistance Revisited (SAC'13)
  8. Fast Exhaustive Search for Quadratic Systems in GF(2) on FPGAs (SAC'13)
  9. Graph-Theoretic Algorithms for the Isomorphism of Polynomials Problem (Eurocrypt'13)
  10. Practical Key-recovery For All Possible Parameters of SFLASH (Asiacrypt'11)
  11. Automatic Search of Attacks on round-reduced AES and Applications (Crypto'11)
  12. New Insights on Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis (SAC'11)
  13. Low Data Complexity Attacks on AES (IEEE Tr. on Inf. Th.)
  14. Practical Cryptanalysis of the Identification Scheme Based on the Isomorphism of Polynomial With One Secret Problem (PKC'11)
  15. Fast Exhaustive Search for Polynomial Systems in F_2 (CHES'10)
  16. Security Analysis of SIMD (SAC'10)
  17. Attacks on Hash Functions based on Generalized Feistel, Application to Reduced-Round Lesamnta and SHAvite-3/512 (SAC'10)
  18. Another Look at Complementation Properties (FSE'10)
  19. A Family of Weak Keys in HFE and the Corresponding Practical Key-Recovery (Journal of Mathematical Cryptology,2009)
  20. Herding, Second Preimage and Trojan Message Attacks Beyond Merkle-Damgaard (SAC'09)
  21. Analysis of the Collision Resistance of RadioGatún using Algebraic Techniques (SAC'08)
  22. Second Preimage Attacks on Dithered Hash Functions (submitted + EUCROCRYPT'08)
  23. Sécurité et preuves de sécurité des fonctions de hachage (Master's thesis, in french)
  24. Using First-Order Theorem Provers in the Jahob Data Structure Verification System (VMCAI'07)

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