Christophe CHAILLOU

Professor Computer Science
Born: 1961 September 1
Married, three children





1983 : B. S. (Department of Mathematics), University of Nantes

1986 : M. S. (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Ecole Centrale de Nantes

1991 : Ph. D. in Computer Science (Graphic Hardware), University of Lille



Work Experience

1983-1989 : High School Teacher (mathematics),

1989-1991 : Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Lille

1991-1996 : Associate Professor, Télécom Lille

1996-2001 : Professor in Computer Science, Polytech-Lille

2001-2003 : Senior Researcher, INRIA

2003 -2006 : Professor in Computer Science, Polytech-lille

2006-2007 : Sabbatical leave, LIAMA Beijing, (with INRIA support)

2007-         : Professor in Computer Science, Polytech-Lille


Research Activities

Head of the Alcove research group, a joint project-team at Inria Futurs in collaboration with LIFL (Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, CNRS and University of Lille 1) and IRCICA (Institut de recherche sur les composants logiciels et matériels pour l’information et la communication avancée). Our research themes relate to real-time Computer Graphics and 3D Computer-Human Interaction.

We are particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Haptics and tactile devices
  • Interaction in complex virtual environments
  • Multi-resolution and multi-representation of physics-based models
  • Autonomous physics-based simulation
  • Framework for remote co-operative activities
  • Estimation of deformable objects properties from image sequences

Our domains of application are:

  • Medical simulation
  • Remote 3D Collaborative Work

I am regularly a member of several conference programme committees for instant Virtual Reality International Conference, International Symposium on Medical Simulation. Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulations

I also took part in the creation of two start-up companies in the area of medical simulation and input devices.


Since 1993, I advised 20 Ph. D students (Eric Nyiri, Vincent Lefévère, Alain Preux, Max Froumentin, Hervé Laporte, Philippe Meseure [HDR 2002], Eric Varlet, Gregory Saugis, Cédric Dumas, Luc Wibaux, Frédéric Triquet, Jean-Philippe Vandeborre, Laurent Hilde, Stéphane Louis Dit Picard, Géry Casiez, Julien Lenoir, Jérémie Dequidt, Damien Marchal, François Martinot, Adrien Theetten).

I am professor at Polytech-Lille, a pluridisciplinary engineering school. I teach classes in the following areas:

  • Algorithmic methods and programming
  • Computer architecture, Risc, virtual memory
  • Computer Graphics, modelling, visualization and animation
  • Data Compression, JPEG, MPEG, wavelets
  • Computer Human Interaction and Virtual Reality

Since September 2003 until 2006, I was in charge of the Computer Science option in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Polytech-lille

Slides (in french) :







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Other Activities


1998-2001 : President of the CSE (hiring committee) for the Computer Science department. This committee hired about fifteen faculty over this period.

Since 2003 : active member of the CE in charge of hiring new researchers for INRIA.

2001-2006 : Financial supervisor for the Computer Science research department LIFL.

Since  2007 : In charge of IT Valorisation, USTL