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  1. Tricks

    This page lists tricks that I learned while using softwares.
    Some of them are very tricky and worthy to be shared, that's why I made up this page.


    Gnuplot is "a portable command-line driven graphing utility for Linux".
    This program is largely used to illustrate results in scientific ...
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  2. Parse a JSON file with comments

    I like to use JSON files with python. It's very simple to read and use such files. For example:

    JSON file

        "username": "John Smith",
        "age": 42,
        "list": ["a", "b", "c"]

    Python script

    import json
    with open('file.json') as f:
        d = json.load(f)
        print d['username']
        print d ...
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  3. Converting two columns paper to ebook screen size

    I recently bought a Kindle 4 and this device is simply wonderful. Reading an e-book is delightful and I recharged it only twice since I have it. One problem is reading two columns papers. It is just unreadable because too small on the kindle screen.

    A solution consists in using ...

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  4. Installing Sozi on Mac OS X

    Update (March, 2013): Link to tdelahais guide (Mountain Lion up-to-date guide)

    Update (done) (August 14th, 2012): I will clean up my system and reinstall Sozi in a few days in order to describre precisely all steps. I'll also clean up comments (but bugs and problems will be described in ...

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  5. Geocaching, Geo-quoi ?!

    Article rédigé pour le journal associatif Coin, de l'Association des Étudiants en Informatique de l'Université Lille 1

    Géocaching - Chasse aux trésors grandeur nature

    Dans cet article, je vous propose de dévouvrir le Géocaching, un moyen de renouer le lien avec un loisir d'antan : la chasse aux trésors ...

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