Research Activities



I work mainly on the following research projects:
  • HOMADE Processor. It’s a completely Reflexive reconfigurable hardcore processor in VHDL, able to work in Multi-SPMD mode. It has a ultrareduced instruction set (mainly control) and targets dynamically reconfigurable FPGA devices. Homade's web site
  • FAMOUS ANR Project .

    FAMOUS project aims at introducing a complete methodology that takes the reconfigurability of the hardware as an essential design concept and proposes the necessary mechanisms to fully exploit those capabilities at runtime. The project covers research in system models, compile time and run time methods, and analysis and verification techniques. These tools will provide high-quality designs with improved designer productivity, while guaranteeing consistency with the initial requirements for adaptability and the final implementation.

    Thus FAMOUS is a research project with an immediate industrial impact. Actually, it will make reconfigurable systems design easier and faster. The obtained tool in this project is expected to be used by both companies designers and academic researchers, especially for modern applications system specific design as smart camera, image and video processing, FAMOUS tools will be based on well established standards in design community. In fact, modeling will start from very high abstraction level using an extended version of MARTE. Simulation and synthesizable models will be obtained by automatic model to model transformations, using MDE approach. These techniques will contribute to shorten drastically time-to-market. FAMOUS is a basic research project. In fact, most of partners are academic, and its main objective is to explore novel design methodologies and target modern embedded systems architectures.

    FAMOUS project is funded by french Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR). It has also been labelled by Media & Network cluster in 2009. The involved resources reach 408 person-month, from five partners:

    • The public research labs INRIA Lille - Nord Europe (Lille),
    • LabSTICC (Lorient),
    • INRIA Rhône-Alpes (Grenoble),
    • LE2I University of Bourgogne (Dijon),
    • The SME company Sodius SAS (Nantes).

    It has started on December 1rst 2009, and it will continue until November 30th 2013 (48 months).

  • The ANR project OpenPeople: Open-Power and Energy Optimization PLatform and Estimator


  • From 1988 to 2011 I was scientifiec leader of the West and then the DaRT team (INRIA/ LIFL) and I piloted the Gaspard2 project.  It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SoC visual co-modeling. It allows modeling, simulation and code generation of SoC applications and hardware architectures. Gaspard2 is an MDE based tool using UML MARTE.