Package org.apache.struts.tiles

Interface Summary
AttributeDefinition Attribute definition used in a component definition.
ComponentDefinitionsFactory Deprecated. Use DefinitionsFactory instead.
Controller A controller is a piece of code called before rendering a jsp page.
DefinitionsFactory Tiles Definition factory.
TilesUtilInterface Class containing utilities for Tiles.

Class Summary
ActionComponentServlet Action Servlet to be used with Tiles and Struts 1.0.x.
ActionController Struts wrapper implementation of Controller.
ComponentContext Component context.
ComponentDefinition Definition of a template / component attributes.
ControllerSupport Basic implementation of Controller.
DefaultTilesUtilImpl Default implementation of TilesUtil.
DefinitionAttribute Attribute representing a Component Definition.
DefinitionNameAttribute Component attribute.
DefinitionsFactoryConfig A TilesFactoryConfig object hold configuration attributes for a tile definition factory.
DefinitionsUtil Deprecated. Use TilesUtil.createDefinitionsFactory(ServletContext, DefinitionsFactoryConfig)
DefinitionsUtil.ServletPropertiesMap Inner class.
DirectStringAttribute Component attribute.
PathAttribute Component attribute.
StrutsModulesTilesUtilImpl Implementation of TilesUtil for Struts multi modules.
TilesPlugin Tiles Plugin used to initialize Tiles.
TilesRequestProcessor RequestProcessor contains the processing logic that the Struts controller servlet performs as it receives each servlet request from the container.
TilesServlet A simple servlet initializing and loading Tiles factory.
TilesUtil Class containing utilities for Tiles.
UntyppedAttribute Common implementation of attribute definition.
UrlController Tiles controller including a local URL

Exception Summary
DefinitionsFactoryException Exception throw when an error occur while factory try to create a new instance mapper.
FactoryNotFoundException Exception throw when instances factory is not found.
NoSuchDefinitionException Exception throw when an instance is not found.
TilesException Root class of Tiles exception

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