Hello !

I am associate professor in the 2XS team, part of the CRIStAL Laboratory and the IRCICA research institute of the Université de Lille 1 (France).


My research are about hypervisor security for embedded systems. Since 2015, I’m the scientific director of the European project ODSI (CELTICS+/CATRENE) which purpose is to develop a minimal (mathematically) proved kernel for IoT devices.


My teaching position is shared between Polytech Lille and Université de Lille 1 with courses related to:

  • Security

    • Network (passive and active discovering, firewall, IPS/IDS, tunneling/VPS)
    • System (virtualization, Linux security)
    • Web applications (security audit, defense implementation)
  • Network

    • Basic understanding of local area networks (with Netkit-NG)
  • Developping Java applications

    • Collections and Concurrent programming
    • Spring framework stack (spring-data-jpa, spring-web-mvc, spring-boot…)
    • Testing and continuous integration: unit test, integration test, smoke/UI test
  • NoSQL from the developper point of view

    • Principles
    • Document oriented: MongoDB
    • Graph oriented: Neo4J

Other activities

  • SecurityDay co-organizer (since 2015): leading a team of students to organise a security conference related to reverse engeneering and system security

  • Netkit-NG developper (since 2012): maintening a fork of Netkit to support more recent debian version