Univ. Lille1 - Licence info 3ème année 2012-2013

Expression Logique et Fonctionnelle …Évidemment

Introduction to logic Programming in Datalog

This introduction to logic programming in Datalog was held at Lille 1 University for 150 3rd year students in Computer Science (5 groups). It constituted half of a teaching unit, of which the second is introduction to functionnal Programing in OCaml.

Each of 5 weeks had

In the lab, we worked with DES (datalog educational system) under Ubuntu. In previous years, the logic programming part of the course used SWI-Prolog.

Weeks and sessions:

  1. Lecture 1, Tutorial 1, Labwork 1.
  2. Lecture 2, Tutorial 2, Labwork 2
  3. Lecture 3, Tutorial 3, Labwork 3
  4. Lecture 4, Tutorial 4, Labwork 4
  5. Lecture 5, Tutorial 5, Labwork 5

Instructors: C. Kuttler (responsible), C. Bouillaguet, AC. Caron, A. Ndione, and E.Wegrzynowski

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