I am interested in Systems Biology and, more specifically, in modeling and simulating biological systems by means of concurrent and stochastic programming. My Habilitation is about the design of concurrent programming languages for systems biology. My aim was, notably, to find the (hopefully) best ways to express stochasticity and spatial aspects in these languages. This was the subject of the ANR project BIOSPACE that I coordinated until 2012. This also was the subject of Kirill Batmanov‘s PhD thesis that I supervised.

Currently, I am working on notions of model reduction and equivalences and I am supervising Guillaume Madelaine’s PhD on this topic. I am also involved in the exciting PIA project ICEBERG and the Equipex REALCAT.

Previously, I have been working on (computational, not biological) concurrent systems (especially pi-calculus and ambient calculus) and type systems. My PhD thesis was devoted to the static analysis of a property called « receptiveness » in concurrent programs.

Besides, I am head of bioComputing team of CRIStAL.

Recent publications