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Short Bio

Giuseppe Lipari is Professor of Computer Science at University of Lille. He is member of the Embedded Real-Time Adaptative system Design and Execution (Émeraude) team of the Centre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique (CRIStAL) de Lille. He is Senior IEEE member, associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Computers, associate editor of the Journal of System Architecture, and associate editor of the Real-Time Systems Journal. His research interests are in real-time systems, real-time operating systems, scheduling algorithms, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks.

He is proud father of three wonderful children.

Stage (internship)

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An internship contract is available starting from May 2017 at the IRCICA laboratory.

The expected duration is 3 months. The internship is concerned with the analysis of the execution times of image recognition algorithms. The work will be performed on the Linux OS running on an Odroid ARM bigLittle platform. The goal is to characterize the execution time of a representative image recognition algorithm under a variety of different input parameters.

Candidates must send an email to before 30 avril 2017.


Un stage est disponible à partir de mai 2017 au laboratoire IRCICA de Lille.

La durée attendue est de 3 mois. Le travaille port sur l'analyse du temps d'execution des algorithms de réconnaissance d'image. Le travaille sera réalisé sur le système Linux sur une carte Odroid ARM bigLittle. L'objectif est d'étudier le temps d'execution d'un algorithm répresentatif sous une varité de paramètres differents en entrée.

Le candidates potentielles doivent envoyer une email à avant le 30 avril 2017.

PhD position

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A PhD position is available at the Émeraude research team of the CRIStAL laboratory, starting from October 2017:

Programming reconfigurable real-time systems

The PhD will be supervised by G. Lipari and J. Forget. Here is a full description of the thesis subject.

Prospective candidates should contact me or J. Forget for discussing about their candidature before 15 April 2017.

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