Raphaël Marvie

Imagination is more important than knowledge --A. Einstein

Who is

I am associate professor at the LIFL (Computer Science Research Lab of the University of Lille 1). I obtained a MSc in Computer Science in 1999, and a PhD in Computer Science in 2002. Until september 2009, I was head of the Master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on the Engineering and Architecture of Large Software (IAGL).

My research activity was related to the use of model driven development and code generation in the scope of distributed and component-based system engineering. In this context, my main interests were related to the definition (using domain specific metamodels or languages) and tooling of development processes in order to assist users create the application they need. In other words, finding means to deal with the fun part of software development (the one that create value to the user) and automate the boring ones. You can have a look at a list of my publications.

My teaching activities are related to object and component oriented software development (design, testing, programming, prototyping), as well as Lean and Agile Software development (TDD, XP, Kanban). I also used to teach distributed computing and model driven development.

Agile Alliance Member

While I was member of the Object Management Group, I have contributed to the specification of the CORBA Component Model, and I was involved in the MOF 2.0 QVT (Query / Views / Transformations) and MOF to IDL specifications.

I am currently member of the Agile Alliance and have signed the Agile Manifesto as well as the Manifesto for Software Craftmanship.

Finally, some pieces of software (mainly prototypes / proofs of concepts that would need to be improved).


Raphaël Marvie
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Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq - France
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