CorbaWeb: A Generic Object Navigator

Philippe Merle
Christophe Gransart
Jean-Marc Geib

Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille - URA CNRS 369
Université de Lille 1, Bat M3
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - France
Phone: (33) 20 43 47 21
Fax: (33) 20 43 65 66
Email: {merle, gransart, geib}

WWW and Objects

CorbaWeb Overview

CORBA as a Uniform Object-Oriented Model

CorbaWeb Environment

Main features

Common Object Request Broker Architecture

The Common Object Request Broker Architecture


Reuse of Current Technologies

Object-Oriented Programming from CORBA

Hypermedia Navigation from the WWW

Current Implementation

CorbaWeb Architecture

The CorbaWeb Architecture

CorbaScript: A New CGI Language

Computer Example

Design a prime service for WWW

  1. Design IDL Interface (computer example)
  2. Implement the object server
  3. Construct an HTML page with forms
  4. Program the CGI to use the service

Step 3: Construct an HTML Page with Forms

Step 4: Program the CGI Script with CorbaScript

#! /usr1/bin/cwsh

echo "Content-Type: text/html\n\n<HTML>\n"

$computer := computer(my_computer:computerSvr:blanche)

if $QUERY_STRING = "is_prime" then ... invokes computer and displays result ... end

if $QUERY_STRING = "prime_numbers" then
  $result := $computer.prime_numbers($number)
  echo "The prime numbers less than the number " , $number , " are\n<P>\n"
  echo $result

if $QUERY_STRING = "decompose" then ... invokes computer and displays result ... end

echo "</HTML>\n"

From Scripts to Meta Scripts

Meta Scripts

Exec Meta Script

Interface Meta Script

Interface Meta Script Example

Invocation of "Prime numbers less than ..."


HTML Representations of IDL Values

View Meta Script

A French Hospital Information System

Browsing the Hospital Object

Browsing the Radiology Department

Browsing a Checkup Instance

Browsing an X-ray Instance