Personal projects

  Winmine Killer

wmk Winmine Killer (WinmineKiller or WmK) is a Winmine (Minesweeper) automatic help (and Not a Winmine Solver). It plays for the moment classical 1 and 2 boxes inferences (but will do better job if i have time to finish it). It doesn't spy the winmine memory (no cheat!!).

A interesting link to the NP-Hardness of the extended Minesweeper.

Zip file

  Moog Lowpass Filter

vstsmall This is a Moog like Ladder Lowpass Filter VST plugin (Moog Filter VST dll plugin), with antialiased control of each parameter to get better sweep effects and distortion on the upper-part of wave included. Feedback does work (if not pushed at its maximal value). Moog Lowpass ladder is adapted from Paul Kellett's code

DLL file

  Happy Birthday

happybirthday Another stupid program to play "Happy Birthday", in a duck's voice!!. Uses bassmod.dll to play music. The splash screen picture has been taken (stolen) from somewhere ...

Zip file


crickets The only aim of this program is to imitate cricket noise. It is possible to launch several instances of this stupid program ... I will do the same for cicadas another day ;-)

Zip file




  • Blender : open source suite of tools for 3D creation.
  • Pov-Ray : raytracing program now with an all featured IDE for Window users. Check for example this link to see a Lego Technic library for Povray in action.
  • Dia program: diagram creation program released under the GPL license.
  • Inkscape Open source vector graphics editor.
  • Gimp : the GNU Image Manipulation Program (can do better than what promised)
  • Ogg-Vorbis : Mp3 like compression format but without patents.
  • Lame : Mp3 compression tool and library.
  • Lilypond : the free music notation software ... (produces very nice music sheet)
  • UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats. It will reduce the executable file size by 2/3 (especially usefull if your harddisk is only a 5400 rpm).
  • 7-zip Windows integrated file archiver (zip,rar,cab,gzip,bzip,tar, and 7z)
  • Filemon, Regmon, Portmon Homepage. These tools are used to monitor respectively files IO, window registry database queries/changes, Ports...
  • Edhex : a very nice hexadecimal editor.
  • Miktex : best implementation of Latex for windows.
  • TEXPoint : insert Latex formula into your Powerpoint slides.
  • Gnuplot : function and data plotting program. Windows version can be also found at
  • Unix utilities port to native Win32.
  • hfr2.0cdromsetup.rar : This freeware tool from Salvation HDD Research Center is now unavailaible (but helped me a lot!), so i give a link here.

  • SelfHTML (fr) : References pour HTML, CSS, et tutoriels pour Perl,Javascript...
  • STL : The Standard Template Library (C++)