Full list of publications

My full list of publications is available on Google Scholar, DBLP, and HAL.

Selected publications

  1. soCloud: A Service-Oriented Component-Based PaaS for Managing Portability, Provisioning, Elasticity, and High Availability Across Multiple Clouds. F. Paraiso, P. Merle, L. Seinturier. Computing. 98(5):539-565. Springer. May 2016. [HAL]

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  3. Monitoring Energy Hotspots in Software. A. Noureddine, R. Rouvoy, L. Seinturier. Automated Software Engineering (J ASE). 22(3):291-332. September 2015. Springer. [HAL]

  4. Analyzing and Improving Software Resilience against Unanticipated Exceptions. B. Cornu, L. Seinturier, M. Monperrus. Information and Science Technology (IST). 55:66-76. January 2015. Elsevier. [HAL]

  5. A Review of Middleware Approaches for Energy Management in Distributed Environments. A. Noureddine, R. Rouvoy, L. Seinturier. Software Practice and Experience (SPE). 43(9):1071-1100. September 2013. Wiley. [HAL]

  6. Components Mobility for Energy Efficiency of Digital Home. R. Druilhe, M. Anne, J. Pulou, L. Duchien, L. Seinturier. 16th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE'13). Pages 153-158. Vancouver, Canada. [HAL]

  7. Flex-eWare: a Flexible MDE-based Solution for Designing and Implementing Embedded Distributed Systems. J. Mathieu, C. Jouvray, F. Kordon, A. Kung, J. Lalande, F. Loiret, J. Navas, L. Pautet, J. Pulou, A. Radermacher, L. Seinturier. Software Practice and Experience (SPE). 42(12):1467-1494. December 2012. Wiley. [HAL]

  8. Runtime Monitoring of Software Energy Hotspots. A. Noureddine, A. Bourdon, R. Rouvoy, L. Seinturier. 27th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'12). Pages 160-169. Essen, Germany. September 2012. [HAL]

  9. A Component-Based Middleware Platform for Reconfigurable Service-Oriented Architectures. L. Seinturier, P. Merle, R. Rouvoy, D. Romero, V. Schiavoni, J.-B. Stefani. Software Practice and Experience (SPE). 42(5):559-583. May 2012. Wiley. [HAL]

  10. Creating Context-Adaptive Business Processes. G. Hermosillo, L. Seinturier, L. Duchien. 8th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC'10). LNCS 6470, pp. 228-242. San Francisco, USA. December 2010. [HAL]

  11. A Component Framework for Java-based Real-Time Embedded Systems. A. Plšek, F. Loiret, P. Merle, L. Seinturier. 9th ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference (Middleware’08). LNCS 5346, pp. 124-143. Leuven, Belgium. December 2008. [HAL]

  12. A Component-Based and Aspect-Oriented Model for Software Evolution. N. Pessemier, L. Seinturier, L. Duchien, T. Coupaye. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT). 31(1-2):94-105. 2008. [HAL]

  13. A Component Model Engineered with Components and Aspects. L. Seinturier, N. Pessemier, L. Duchien, T. Coupaye. 9th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE'06). LNCS 4063, pp. 139-153. Västerås, Sweden. June 2006. [HAL]

  14. Foundations of AOP for J2EE Development. R. Pawlak, J.-P. Retaillé, L. Seinturier. APress. ISBN 1-59059-507-6. September 2005. [HAL]

  15. JAC: An Aspect-Based Distributed Dynamic Framework. R. Pawlak, L. Seinturier, L. Duchien, G. Florin, F. Legond-Aubry, L. Martelli. Software Practice and Experience (SPE). 34(12):1119-1148. October 2004. Wiley. [HAL]

Lionel Seinturier. 13 June 2016.