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The main documentation page for IODA NetLogo is located here.

The user manual is divided into the following pages:   General DocumentationTutorialFAQDictionary

Application examples

On-line examples from the tutorial files

You can have a look at a few examples on-line (without downloading the extension itself) through NetLogo applets on the IODA NetLogo webpage.

Other projects

The IODA NetLogo extension has been used for the realization of several applicative projects, among them:

  • MInOTAUR, a tactile platform for mixing software agents with tangible artifacts and humans
  • TrafficGen, a multi-purpose traffic simulator based on open cartographic data.

Other projects based on the IODA methodology have been developed using different programming languages or environments, for instance:

  • Galaxian, a space battle simulation written in C# within the professional game engine Unity3d (aimed at running for hours on a 6m-wide immersive screen)
  • FormatStore, a serious game dedicated to vendor training, written in Java, Javascript and VRML

Tutorial at SSC'14

An invited tutorial on IODA was held at the Social Simulation Conference at Barcelona on September 1st, 2014. It is a quick, hands-on approach to the IODA extension for NetLogo. You can access the slides summarizing the principles of the IODA approach and the on-line lecture.


NetLogo version IODA-NetLogo version Download Link
5.* 2.3 (zip archive) Download 2.3
4.1.3 2.0 (zip archive) Download 2.0

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