This website collects most of my work and activities
. Do not hesitate to contact me about the content provided in these webpages, in case you would need more informations.

I currently head the MINT research team, jointly supported by University of Lille 1, CNRS (LIFL, UMR 8022) and INRIA (Lille North-Europe research Center). The team has been created on january 2009.
In addition to that, here are some « environmental » links, that i find insightful:

For those of you that would start in research, i would recommend this excellent reading. If you are interested in encouraging creativity in research, also combining research and society matter, here is another reading, that you may find interesting. Finally, written in french, a somewhat cryptic but very revealing article, that is a good example of why it is worth reading about history of science. I'd be interested in refering to the original version of it; if you have an URL for that, please send me.

In case you want to apply for a position in the team, go to the research team website, you’ll find up-to-date informations. You can also contact me directly: we are always potentially friendly with spontaneous applications. However, these applications are all the more welcome as they show up with :
  • email of at least one university people i can contact that would say positive things about you,
  • some work sample you are proud of (report, code, etc...), and some description of the things that make you proud of it.

Most recent ideas grabbed here and there :

Short Vitae

Oct. 2008-?:Professor at University of Lille 1 (Polytech'Lille engineering school).
Dec. 2005: HDR defense, University of Lille 1 (see research section)
Sept. 2003-Sept. 2005: delegation as a full-time researcher at INRIA.
Sept. 2000-08: Assistant Professor at University of Lille 1 (Polytech'Lille engineering school).
Dec. 1999: received PhD from Bordeaux I university
1993-1996: computer science engineering diploma received from ENSEIRB national school