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The MABSys package


The MABSys package name stands for "Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems".

MABSys gathers, as much as possible, necessary functions to determine the dynamic of a biological system modelled by a system of ordinary differential equations.

MABSys has been developed by Asli Ürgüplü and François Lemaire.


The package is free of charge but should not be redistributed without the consent of the authors. Also, please quote the following reference if you obtain results with the MABSys package :

[LÜ10a] François Lemaire and Asli Ürgüplü. Mabsys: Modeling and analysis of biological systems. In Proceedings of ANB2010, 2010.




Please directly contact Francois Lemaire to obtain the package.

Please visit this page soon to get a more recent version.